5 Ways Micro-blogging Can Help Your Business

If you are a small or medium sized business, you have the advantage of size when it comes to using Social Media to engage with your clients. It's much easier for a smaller business to implement and experiment than it is for a large enterprise. While Twitter may have been dismissed by some as a waste of time, there are several ways a business can use it to make connections, expand communications with stakeholders, track

Increase Your RSS Subscribers In 7 Steps

Every blog needs readers to remain profitable. You need people laying eyes on your blog to make sales. Many bloggers are overlooking a very important component in becoming profitable. RSS subscribers. Learning how to increase your RSS subscribers is a skill that every blogger needs to learn. It's no secret that a lot of blog readers prefer to read your blog through RSS. These readers may never see your blog but crafty bloggers know how

3 Surefire Reasons to Be Using Twitter

If you are currently not using Twitter in your online marketing campaigns I am going to lay out three surefire reasons why you need to start today. Twitter is becoming the latest craze when it comes to online social marketing. Twitter allows you to meet and communicate with potential customers and clients. It allows you to build relationships that would have never been built otherwise. It is absolutely essential in my opinion if you want

15 Tactics to Explode Your Web Presence and Link Popularity

Link building is one of the most important factors in developing a strong web presence and building a solid flow of traffic. Most readers should understand that that effective link building adds value to your site and boosts your rankings in the search engines for target keywords. However most people over look the other benefits of link building and tend to focus far too much on just gaining search engine rankings. Personally I use link

10 Reasons Why Digg Is Digging Its Own Grave

1. No matter how many times you blog it, Digg is not a fair democracy. Bigger sites, that already have more visitors and who post a 'Digg' icon after a post will get far more votes than a site of lesser traffic. Their story also carries more weight and people are more likely to vote it up like sheep anyway. It is a popularity contest. 2. People are being banned left right and centre for

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