Using Stock Photography in Web Design

Stock photography can either be used very well or very badly when it comes to graphically designing a website, so what should you look out for? How many times have you seen clean-cut, generic, world-friendly images (like the one on the right) appear on websites, magazines and brochures?  These common photo stock images usually have an underlying message within the image with a cheesy title such as "man frustrated with laptop", "woman smiling on a

Google Web Fonts

Good news... upcoming 'Web Fonts' from Google mean that websites in the future are going to look much, much more interesting and still adhere to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly standards! CSS design in the past has been hampered by the lack of font support on older computers. Using a "Helvetica" H1 tag for example may show up perfectly well on web designer's iMac (with lots of fonts installed) but not on an average 6

Social Shopping

Here at Juno Media we believe that ecommerce sites shouldn't have separate work on brand design, web development, marketing and SEO. From the initial concept to the final design, all these aspects of ecommerce need to be considered at the same time and work together in harmony for maximum results. Social media is now playing a bigger and bigger role in online promotion, there are literally millions of people using social sites such as Twitter

How to edit your hosts file

Clients often as how they can view a website before it goes live on their URL, this is done through editing your local "hosts" file. Essentially this method makes your computer point a domain name at a specific IP address, instead of using the internet DNS record. We have outlined below the simple process: Instructions for modifying the "hosts" file on your computer: Locate the file "Hosts" on your computer: Windows 95/98/Me  c:windowshosts Windows NT/2000/XP

Where to place your vital contact information

Contact information is very important for business (brochure) websites yet it's easily to forget to place it where everyone will find it online. Hotels, restaurants, plumbers, DJ's and wedding planners: all these businesses require someone to pick up the phone or contact them through an email to get the job.  Your contact information is vital so ensure it's visible in all of these areas on your website so even the most clueless person can find

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