Dale Twigger, Web Marketing Officer, Experience Nottinghamshire

At Experience Nottinghamshire, we initially contracted Juno Media in the spring of 2011 to help support our new website and increase the volume of visitors to our site through strategy, organic search and PPC. The technical advice and proactive support that Juno have given us has exceeded our expectations with dramatic increases in sustainable site traffic. Last month (May 2013) we received a 400% increase to over 80,000 unique visitors to our site, and I’m

Blog for Experience Nottinghamshire

Any website should engage an audience and encourage them to learn more, but a tourism site has an even bigger responsibility—not only does it need to get visitors to look around the site itself, it needs to get people exploring the sights of the local area. It can be a difficult nut to crack and relies heavily on effective branding, engaging content and a friendly, informative and interesting tone, and these days blogs can be

SEO Nottingham

Juno are at the forefront of SEO hitting top search engine rankings for whichever keyword they target. Juno's SEO Nottingham team use a variety of techniques to boost a website up the search results. The results are incredible; just from moving a few positions up in Google a website can expect more than double the amount of traffic and significantly more business. Position #1 in Google is worth over a quarter of the total online

Web Design Nottingham

Juno are a creative web design company that focus on promoting business, brand strength and communication. Our work is not limited to the within Nottingham City Limits, we work remotely for clients from all over the UK and internationally. Nottingham is a great city best known for its legendary hero Robin Hood, the Lace industry and tourism attractions such as the caves and castle. Nottingham is rich in web design companies and is internationally recognised