Magento and MICROS Integrations

for Magento and MICROS Integrations

Seamless and Dynamic Integrations

At Juno, the development team provides a wide and complete range of integration services. Led by an expert Integrations Architect, Juno uses the best-in-class Juno Connect Pro software suite. Because of this we can seamlessly link your e-commerce, EPOS/ERP, CRM and financial systems with your hospitality processes. Using customer-focused dynamic software, we’ll save you manpower, time and money.

Victims of your own success?

As a growing retailer you may find yourself suffering from the common three ‘growing pains’ of businesses. These are unwanted costs, problematic business processes and customer service issues, which can hold back a growing business despite its success.

How does it work?

How can we help?

If you’re keen to take your e-commerce and hospitality service online, then integrating now is the right choice.

By integrating straight away you can avoid the growing pains of emerging firms as well as long-term suffering. Our intelligent integration system will remove any risk of common e-commerce issues.

  • With integration booking, out-of-hours will become a possibility, meaning you’ll keep on top of those valuable weekend sales.
  • Integrating Magento and MICROS will remove any chance of human error created by manual data input.
  • Juno Connect Pro suite is a full solution: you can be sure your sales and finances will mirror your records and processes.

Still developing? Juno are keen to work with you, using our systems collaboratively in order to ensure the best and most customizable use of Magento and MICROS, creating a powerful and adaptable integration for your firm.

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Complete integration

Juno Connect Pro provides a swift and secure environment for your database, e-commerce and marketing data.

Full automation

Save on manpower, money and time wasted on manual data work so that your transactions can happen quickly.

Proven technology

Juno Connect Pro has been used by a number of retailers needing Magento and MICROS integration.

100% data quality and accuracy

Avoid the risk of financial issues caused by human error.

Flexible and customizable

Adapt our software in order to meet your own changing needs.

Visible reporting

The visibility of the software means that all your transactions can be recorded in one place.

Five stars

Juno Integrated our Magento system with Dynamics Nav in 2010, they have supported us well and with a very personal service over the years.  Juno have helped us to automate a lot of our complex company specific business processes with Nav, and with our online in general.

Darek Szuminski, Graham & Green

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