Juno gets qualified!

Here at Juno Web Design we’re committed to offering the best service possible, working closely with our clients to deliver optimum results every single time. Our level of experience in the area means we know what it takes to perform, but we know that sometimes you want more than experience—you want proven qualifications for added peace of mind. Well, guess what? We’ve got them! No less than 5 of our team members are now Magento

Email marketing success for Timberland

Here at Juno we realise that launching a successful online campaign depends just as much on off-page techniques as it does on having a great website, which is why our design team is committed to creating tailored, effective campaigns that can deliver the necessary impact. Email marketing is one area proving to be particularly beneficial, and we’ve recently put together an email for Timberland with great success. Timberland is already a well-known brand, but they

Juno takes Vanilla Underground out into the open

At Juno Web Design we’re committed to helping our clients get to the next level, implementing effective design features that ensure maximum impact to get the sales and profit boost necessary. We work hard to create designs that are the perfect reflection of a brand’s core values and, being such a vibrant company, we love the chance to work with equally-minded clients—Vanilla Underground is one of them. Vanilla Underground is a fashion retailer with an

WordPress wins the day for 4Serve

Here at Juno we’re all about delivering the right solution for our clients, and we work hard to create sites that perform on every level. Functionality is just as important as aesthetic appeal, particularly if a client wants the flexibility of being able to update their own site in a quick and hassle-free manner, and that’s why a Wordpress framework can often be the ideal solution. 4Serve is just the latest client to benefit from

Nominations galore for Owl Hall

A couple of weeks ago we let you in on the news that Owl Hall, a Macmillan Readers project that we’ve been working on, was nominated for a British Council award for Innovation in Learner Resources. Well, we’re pleased to announce that the praise doesn’t stop there—the Reader has gone and been nominated again! This time it’s in the running for the Language Learner Literature Award, and we’re looking forward to seeing whether it takes

Go Dine goes responsive

Here at Juno we want to help our clients make the most of the mobile arena, and the only way to do that is to implement responsive designs that can perform across a range of devices. This multi-channel concept means your site works for all users no matter how they choose to browse, offering a high-level experience at all times, being a design ideal that all brands need to take on board. One of the

Win with Police

Police is a high-end accessories brand with high-end aspirations, and they’ve just launched a brand new competition to give people the chance to win one of their watches every single week. First up is the Python, a fine example of timepiece tailoring, being a watch that’s sure to turn heads with its distinctive style and combination of functionality and stunning good looks. So why not get in on the action? If you fancy winning a

The Juno team en route to Magento excellence

Here at Juno we’re dedicated to giving our clients the best service possible, and we’re always striving to improve our skills and deliver the necessary results. That’s why the entire Juno team is on the way to becoming fully Magento Certified. One of our developers, Andrew, took the exam yesterday and is now a fully-fledged Magento Certified Developer (congratulations Andrew!), and this is just the beginning—pretty soon you can look forward to the entire team

Presenting the award-nominated Owl Hall website

Here at Juno Web Design we’re proud to work with leaders in a whole range of industries, and in the world of English learning one of the biggest is arguably Macmillan Readers. A global publisher of English language teaching (ELT) resources and curriculum it’s grown to offer a range of digital and online materials to really enhance learning, and we’ve recently been able to work with them on a subdomain project for their Owl Hall

What’s making my website slow?

One of the most important parts of web design is making sure the site speed is up to scratch. Loading times need to be kept to a minimum to ensure a great user experience, and whilst it might not be the most overt display of design prowess it can make all the difference to the performance and ultimate success of a website—a slow site means consumers will quickly close the page and look elsewhere, and

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