Sleek new look for Slade Osteopathic Practice

If you want to make the right impression with consumers, having a sleek, modern website is a must. The minimalist look is a huge trend and one that all businesses need to consider—gone are the days of chaotic layouts and garish designs, because if you want to capture the attention of your potential audience you need to keep it clean, sleek and subtle whilst giving them the information they need. Here at Juno we understand

A designer website for a designer shoe shop

Any business needs a website that perfectly reflects its core values, its image and its brand as a whole, with designer retailers needing a site that’s as sleek and sophisticated as the products being sold. The ordering process needs to be just as high-end to appeal to customers and make sure they don’t head elsewhere—in this sector quality is key with consumers having increasingly high expectations, with everything from the quality of the service to

New Facebook app in the pipeline for Police

Here at Juno we like to help clients make the most of any advertising channels we can, and given the rise of Facebook marketing this is something we’re starting to focus on more and more. Facebook apps and advertising campaigns can be used to great effect, and we’re currently working with high-end brand Police to develop an app that can generate the necessary interest and get those must-have leads. The app works something like this.

Juno called upon for Fish’s email campaign

Here at Juno, we know there’s more to web design than meets the eye. Yes, you need to create a flawless website that speaks to your target audience and compels them to click the buy button, but it’s important to remember that the wider aspects of your marketing campaign need to be perfectly aligned as well to ensure maximum success. Everything needs to work together with the same branding, the same look and the same

Juno delivers functionality to Academy Science

A site needs to do more than look good. Yes, aesthetics will always play a part if you want to appeal to your target audience, but there’s far more to it than that—functionality is key, and here at Juno we realise the importance of this core factor. When clients come to us they want a website that’s as high-performing as it is visually pleasing, and with Academy Science we were able to put our expertise

Discover China gets an update

Web design is constantly changing. New trends emerge and new constructs become the norm, and with consumers’ expectations only ever increasing it’s vital for websites to keep up unless they want to get left behind. That’s where we come in. We like to take a proactive approach to ensure sites are as modern and functional as possible, and Discover China is just one site that’s been given the Juno Web Design treatment to bring it

Simplicity rules for Beers of Europe

Here at Juno we don’t take a one-size-fits all approach to design, and nor do we go at it with total disregard for the other vital aspects of making a good site. Like SEO, for example. Good web design needs to work hand-in-hand with SEO if decent search rankings are to be achieved, but this doesn’t have to mean complex techniques and fiddly navigation. Actually, it’s the exact opposite—simplicity rules, and Beers of Europe is

Juno works for Rose & Grey

Here at Juno we don’t like to brag (OK, so we do a little bit), but when something works we want to let you know about it. That’s why we thought we’d take a look at our campaign for Rose & Grey, with this quirky, vintage-style interior design and home accessories brand really benefiting from our expertise. It’s the design of the site as a whole that we’re particularly proud of. We think it perfectly

Athlete Store gets a clean-up

Here at Juno Web Design we’re committed to creating sites that are clean, functional and perfectly tailored to a brand’s target audience, and we realise the importance of positioning information carefully. We spend a great deal of time making sure our designs offer the perfect mix of aesthetic appeal and usability, and Athlete Store is the latest brand to benefit from our love of clean, sleek design ideals. Athlete Store, the home of For Goodness

Bringing vendor modules to eCommerce

Here at Juno Web Design we like to make sure online businesses can perform to their full potential, ultimately helping them make the sales they need to reach targets and maximise their profit margin. But, sometimes there’s more to it than meets the eye—a lot of ecommerce sites need to allow multiple vendors to sell their products from a single storefront, but in order to meet customer expectations it’s essential to make things as consistent

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