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Juno Web Design is an established, successful Nottingam-based web design, e-commerce “integration specialist and digital marketing agency.

We’re a 20 strong team of web developers, designers, search engine optimisation and marketing experts with a decades of combined experience developing and marketing fantastic websites for prestige brands and organisations, who we’ve helped generate hundreds of millions of pounds through web sales alone.

There’s no real secret to our success; just experience, talent, knowing what works – and how to implement!

We work with two website major platforms: Magento for Ecommerce websites and WordPress for everything else. The powerful combination of working with a solid platform and our team of expert developers allows us to create truly stunning websites which are highly flexible and customisable, yet robust and highly-optimised – for speed and excellent customer experience.

We partner with the biggest names in finance and industry to provide enterprise grade solutions – the sky’s the limit when your business is ready to move to the next level.

For clients looking to integrate Magento with key marketplaces including Ebay, Amazon and Google Shopping, we’re able to provide total integration solutions for outstanding results.

I want to start selling on the web. What now?

Take a look at our Magento Community pages. Magento Community is the World’s most popular ecommerce platform and with good reason – it just works! Selling services only? WordPress might be the better bet. Contact us for advice.

I’m already selling on the web and want to increase sales. How can you help?

• We’ll give your site and brand new look and using responsive design techniques, make it look and perform great on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers

• We’ll upgrade your web shop with high-performance modules which will speed it up, boost conversions and track customer data

• We’ll boost your marketing by working on your SEO, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and content

• We’ll get your products listed on Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping and more

Get started now, contact Juno Media on 0845 544 1766.

Get started now, contact Juno Media on 0845 544 1766

At Experience Nottinghamshire, we initially contracted Juno Media in the spring of 2011 to help support our new website and increase the volume of visitors to our site through strategy, organic search and PPC. The technical advice and proactive support that Juno have given us has exceeded our expectations with dramatic increases in sustainable site traffic. Last month (May 2013) we received a 400% increase to over 80,000 unique visitors to our site, and I’m sure this is as a result of the work that we did with them. They continue to work with us and have recently created a stunning Events site for us, their solutions are well designed and easy to use. We are happy to work with Juno Media because of their excellent customer service and their ability and willingness to meet our needs.

Five stars Dale Twigger, Web Marketing Officer, Experience Nottinghamshire