Powwow in Administration – AquaPoint Water Coolers

Market leaders in the water cooler industry Powwow are now entering administration in the UK.  The news was unexpected by staff members and only a few days later it has shown to have largely impacted the water cooler industry. Contact Aquapoint - AquaPoint offer a free 7 day trial to new customers Tel: 03700 555 333 Email:  sales@aquapoint.co.uk With several thousand water coolers now unserviced, York based AquaPoint is gearing up to help supply and

Go Systems – stoves, cookware and lanterns

We have been building a new Magento website for Go Systems for some time and with the final content on its way to us we are on the eve of launch. The website is not there to sell online, as the company does business offline supplying several clients including B & Q with blow torches, stoves and cookware. Brand strength and brand communication is the direction for the new website design, to glorify the product

Sleeping bags, Sleeping Bag Shop

We are very close to launching a new Magento Ecommerce website design retailing sleeping bags... called Sleeping Bag Shop. The new site will be a major player in the sleeping bag world and have already most of the major manufacturers of sleeping bags on board. We are currently adding a large product range for the site and tweaking the fine detail before imminent launch.The site features several of our custom Magento plugins for search engine

FuelSure, New website design

We recently undertook the redesign of the FuelSure brand website design. The Fuelsure product designed to prevent car owners from making the mistake of filling up Diesel cars with petrol has recently been taken up by the RAC which is big news for the company. The product was Magenta in colour but has been produced in orange to suit the new RAC campaign.  As such the new design is Orange and the site has been

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