My name is David Hobson and I am a 33 years old bloke living in Bolton, United Kingdom. I have been blogging for alomost 3 years and have learnt a lot through my own experience as well as others. I have run a couple of succesfull blogs in the past but had to sell them when times got hard but i always bounce back. As well as running my blogs i also have a full time job as a Wagon Driver delivering office furniture all over the Uk and often blog from my laptop whilst parked in a layby somewhere.

Why a blog about SEO and Marketing?

You might ask why run another blog about SEO and Marketing well the reason is you see thousands of bloggs and websites on the internet today struggling for traffic and search engine rankings. My aim is to help thse websites and blogs acheive there goals.

Yes there are other blogs in the same niche as me but we all offer something different and often a different approach can work wonders for your website..

My Goal

My goal as a blogger is to acheive a high level of trust and friendship amongst other bloggers and become known as one of the top bloggers when it comes to SEO and Marketing.

Where does my income come from?

To be honest with you i am not in this business to make money but it is nice to do so. My income comes from Affiliate sales, Banner ads and Adsense. Like i said though the money is`nt my main aim and so i won`t be posting about new affiliate programs every over post like some bloggers do trying to get as mant sign ups as possible. Also you will find that my banner ads are amongst the cheapest around.

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I wish you all the best with your website or blog and look forward to speaking to you all soon in my next blog post.

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