Is your business one of bricks-and-mortar but with ambitions of going online?

If so integration is your next move.  Juno’s clever integration solutions are here to gain control and make the most of your sales and finances.

  • Start out-of-hours selling to secure crucial weekend transactions which could easily be missed.
  • Employ an automated system and no longer have the need for manual data inputting.
  • Juno Connect Pro is the answer to all problems, making sure your business data and sales figures and your warehouse and finance systems match up at all times.

Still a developing company? Juno are keen to work with you to create the most flexible, customisable and effective use of ATG Commerce and Micros, creating a particularly dynamic integration.

Contact us now to find out how to make your upcoming business a swift success with ATG Commerce and Micros Integration – call 0115 941 8122 or contact us now.