Our takeaways from Women in Tech

Nottingham is a vibrant, growing city, with hundreds of different kinds of businesses and industries. Out of this variety has grown a thriving tech community, which holds a host of events across the city to inspire both newbie and seasoned techies. One of our favourite events to come out of Nottingham’s technology community is Women in Tech (WiT), a monthly meetup for women from all areas of technology. Designed to be an inclusive, safe space,

7 ways to win big with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a method of reaching a wider audience on social media platforms through promotion from brand advocates and ambassadors. Put simply, you pay and reward people with lots of (engaged) followers on social media to promote your products with their own content. These brand ambassadors are often referred to as ‘influencers’ due to the sway they have over their audience. They portray an aspirational lifestyle to their followers, which makes inserting your product

8 books that keep the Juno team inspired

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. As a web design and marketing agency, it’s essential for the Juno team to stay inspired. Everyone has vices they turn to when they need a little extra energy – whether that’s taking a walk around town, pounding double espressos, or playing with Boris the office dog. But one thing that never fails to fire us up is a good book. To help keep you energised in 2019,

Multi-currency on Shopify Payments: Everything you need to know

Global expansion is one of the most lucrative ways to grow your brand. It’s also one of the most complex. From language and cultural barriers to local competition, internationalisation is fraught with challenges and missteps. But with international ecommerce sales set to grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021, it’s a market you can’t afford to ignore. That’s why Shopify are making things simpler. Back in May 2018, Shopify held their third annual Unite conference in

The importance of live chat (and the 5 best live chat apps)

In today’s uber-optimised digital world, we all know how important speed is. Advances in things like page speed and shipping times have conditioned us to expect instant results. And brands are trying to deliver – optimising every element of their site to give consumers a frictionless browsing experience. But there’s one area that’s still slowing customers down – support. The average time consumers will wait for a page to load is 2 seconds. After that,

Style HQ: How our floors sparked a brand new site

Sometimes, it’s nice to give back. When we decided to revamp the Juno headquarters, we called up a contractor to help us out. That’s how we met the guys at Style HQ. Style HQ is a premium floor fitting brand in Nottingham, founded by contractor Charlie Hacker. After they transformed the Juno office with some stunning wood flooring, we decided to whip them up a brand new website as a thank you. As a new

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