Style HQ: How our floors sparked a brand new site

Sometimes, it’s nice to give back. When we decided to revamp the Juno headquarters, we called up a contractor to help us out. That’s how we met the guys at Style HQ. Style HQ is a premium floor fitting brand in Nottingham, founded by contractor Charlie Hacker. After they transformed the Juno office with some stunning wood flooring, we decided to whip them up a brand new website as a thank you. As a new

Stay in the feedback loop

As a web designer you have the skills and experience to create stunning websites that can perform for any client or company necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take on board some feedback every now and again. If you really want to produce websites that can deliver flawless results you need to think about other aspects of the equation besides simple design, ensuring it can perform on every level to bring the conversions that

eCommerce gets Pinteresting

By now, you could well have heard about – or even be using – Pinterest, the latest addition to the social media family. However, while it’s great for pinning all those things you’d love to own, that make you laugh or are just generally nice to look at, there’s much more to it than that – especially when it comes to eCommerce, which is exactly what we're keen on here at Juno Web Design. Unlike

Is a bad Checkout preventing your customers from buying?

So, you are happy with the amount of visitors to your site. The SEO is working well, you're ranking well for certain keywords and categories, the traffic is coming through, users are spending time and looking around, and success, they have added a product to their shopping baskets. Now all they need to do is go through the Checkout system. But wait, they've disappeared!!!                   Many customers

FREE Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module – NEW RELEASE

The Magento specialists here at Juno Web Design have recently created a Cookie Law Compliance Module for all Magento users. CLICK HERE To view our Magento Cookie Law Module We talk to Andrew Slater, the creator, to find out why he produced this particular module and how you can get your hands on this Free plug in. What have you created? We have created a new FREE magento module- Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module Why

Extended support hours

This week, Juno Web Design has started its extended hours. We've always been on hand to answer questions and fulfill request, plus cover any problems or issues that clients have come across when dealing with Magento eCommerce and WordPress sites, but we have decided to streamline this process by having one of our expert team in the Juno office until 11pm.                   Whether you're inquiring about our

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