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There is a real buzz in the office this week as Juno Copywriting comes to life. We've always provided a writing service as part of our Web development and design, but now we have someone taking control of the creative side of the business that provides content and creative ideas. Juno Copywriting is now an individual in their own right. Still working closely with Juno Web Design and Juno Media providing the complete package to

Find Out How To Use Goolge To Track Your Website Traffic

One of the very first things we ask when discussing a new SEO campaign with a client is "Can we see your website statistics". This is usually after we have been told how many thousands of hits they receive every day to their website. Very often the answer is "we don't have any", sometimes followed by "can't you tell us?". It's an interesting dilemma, we as the professionals are expected to know a lot about

Best Road Map to How To Know What Is The Professional SEO

Trying to find a professional search optimization company can be sometimes frustrating. There are a lots of competitors out there all with different sales pitches but ultimately offering a top position on Google, which is worth any businesses weight in gold. But what is a expert SEO company what things should you be looking for, what are you expecting to receive for your investment. A huge problem is not many business owners know the first

Why You Need Exist Trying To Have As Many Links As Humanly Practicable!

Links are the line of life to your business. Exactly as you ask water, your website needs links to expand. Some Other, it’s never going to get hanging in traffic or keep the traffic getting once it’s built. Why are links this powerful? Well, there are numerous reasons. The biggest one is that they are a senior consideration in how your websites rank in the search engines (and under what search phrases). If you want

5 Straight Forward Ways to Increase RSS Subscribers

Adding an RSS feed to your web design will make it easy for you to share updates with people. RSS is still gaining in popularity, and more browsers are adding it to their functionality. Just like trying to get traffic to a website, if you are offering an RSS feed, you should be thinking about increasing the number of subscribers to it. This article will assume you already have plenty of traffic coming to your

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