Win with Police

Police is a high-end accessories brand with high-end aspirations, and they’ve just launched a brand new competition to give people the chance to win one of their watches every single week. First up is the Python, a fine example of timepiece tailoring, being a watch that’s sure to turn heads with its distinctive style and combination of functionality and stunning good looks. So why not get in on the action? If you fancy winning a

Juno works for Rose & Grey

Here at Juno we don’t like to brag (OK, so we do a little bit), but when something works we want to let you know about it. That’s why we thought we’d take a look at our campaign for Rose & Grey, with this quirky, vintage-style interior design and home accessories brand really benefiting from our expertise. It’s the design of the site as a whole that we’re particularly proud of. We think it perfectly

For Goodness Shakes—brand consistency across the social sphere

We all know how important brand consistency is in order to keep an audience engaged, and here at Juno Web Design we’re committed to helping you achieve that level of consistency across your multi-channel environments. With social networking becoming increasingly important we work hard to ensure a brand’s design translates to the social sphere, and having recently worked with For Goodness Shakes we thought we’d show you how it can be done. For Goodness Shakes

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