Boost traffic with a few web design tweaks

As a web designer, it’s easy to focus on the core elements of creating a good website whilst forgetting the sole purpose of it in the first place—to appeal to a target audience, get traffic and ultimately make those conversions. Optimisation might not be something you’re overly familiar with but it should comprise a key part of any design, and luckily it needn’t be that difficult in order to achieve the desired results. A few

Nottingham Food & Drink Festival

The 4th Annual Food and Drink Festival is to hit the streets of Nottingham from the 4th to the 8th of July 2012. This four day festival, which will entice the taste buds, celebrates the best cuisine from around the world, in a city with over 300 cafes, eateries and restaurants. If you're a foodie, you will find great delight in the festival, offering a range of cuisine for different palates. Head down to Market

Now where did I put that document?

Its a common problem in offices throughout the UK, you've spent hours working on it, you've printed it and presented it, you've saved it (somewhere) but now, that very important document has disappeared. Union Square is a company that specialises in Document Management Software and approached the team at Juno Web Design to request a helping hand. Union Square caters to a range of industries including construction, architecture, consultancy, development and engineering, offering a range

Big brand site re-launch

As we mentioned last week, the team at Juno Web Design has been working tirelessly to re launch sites with improved functionality. Juno has a great relationship with Graham and Green and finished a campaign to improve the sites look and capabilities, enabling consumers to browse and shop with ease. Not only that, Juno have focused heavily on SEO so that Graham and Green rank well when customers search for anything that is home furnishings

Boom in ‘silver surfer’ e commerce

In recent news, Silver Surfers are the biggest group to shop online by a whopping 86%. Over a third regularly shop on the web. Strangely, those aged 25-34 are least likely to shop online with 13% stating that they never use the Internet to purchase goods. Quite surprising, as this age group tends to be the target for many brands, as they have more disposable income. Brits tend to shop online for an average of

An eye on design

A good-looking website is half the job. Websites that offer incredible imagery and design, that inspire you to spend time looking around, are what every business desires. Gone are the days of crammed in pictures, flash design, flying text and sounds. Users want to have a smooth, enjoyable, experience when visiting an online store or site, so design is targeted. It also represents the ethos of the company. At Juno Web Design, we are lucky

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