Our story

On the 6th of June 1944 a Reginald Trery Wiltshire landed on Juno Beach in the midst of what was later known as D-Day. He then went on to lead successful missions as a tank commander in world war two. Sixty two years later his grandson David Wiltshire founded a web design company in Nottingham. Having been inspired by his grandfather’s wartime past, he named this company Juno Media.

Juno have a great reputation for delivering beautiful brand, multichannel ecommerce platforms. Juno specialise in business strategy and business automation providing an enviable arsenal of pre-built and best in class ERP, EPOS, payment gateway and financial system integrations.

The team

  • David Wiltshire

    Managing Director
  • Jonny

    Head of Marketing
  • Simon

    Commercial Director
  • Aaron Keenan

    Technical Director
  • Richard

    Head of Development
  • Andrew Slater

    Integration Architect
  • John

    Lead Front End Developer
  • Alex

    Design Manager
  • Jack

  • Chloe

  • Joel

    Digital Marketing
  • Adam

  • Nathan Nichols

    Project Manager
  • Hieu

    Senior Magento Developer
  • Paul

  • Kalpesh

  • Marcus Holdsworth

  • Ben

  • Rooz

  • Boris

    Office Dog

Our business is built on relationships

John Norris
Ally Capellino
Tapi Carpets
Fabb Sofas
Mountain Equipment