Connect EPOS is an award-winning point of sale system that’s ideal for small businesses. It can be used to enhance all aspects of business management, covering everything from stock and purchase levels to accounting information, and if you’re about to take the next step to the online arena you’re going to want to take this high-level system with you.

That’s where we can help. Juno can take your Connect EPOS system and will integrate it into your brand new AspDotNetStorefront site, bridging the gap between your multi-channel operations to bring you the level of control and functionality you need.
Main benefits:

Real-time functionality with information being instantly shared throughout the business
Automatically updated stock levels to ensure optimum efficiency
Customer details are retained and their purchases tracked
Accounts and sales information will be updated on a real-time basis
Lack of manual input to cut costs and staffing hours
Accurate reporting for better decision-making
Streamlined processes, reduced costs, total scalability

This way of operating offers total control from one central point, with every link in the chain being consolidated and streamlined to offer the productivity and flexibility you need. You can be safe in the knowledge that everything’s running smoothly, and with AspDotNetStorefront being the customer-facing part of your site you can get even more.
Everything can be built around your individual business needs to ensure it perfectly suits your requirements, and with usability, easy navigation and visual appeal you can get a site that offers a great user experience too. The addition of SEO-rich content maximises your potential from every angle, and with our broad experience in the area we know just what it takes to achieve the desired results.

If you want to see how Connect EPOS and AspDotNetStorefront integration can work for you, make sure to get in touch. Once we’ve thoroughly discussed things with every party we can implement a strategy to get you the results you’re after, so get in touch and we’ll get started.