Ecommerce Web Design

If it is effective web design you need for your company, so you can sell more products and services, increase your income and sales online, you need JUNO WEB DESIGN, one of the UK leaders in Ecommerce web design.

Juno offers a range of services from the basic design of your site to integrating it with an existing system you may have in store for point of sale (EPOS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The benefits of having Juno on board to produce your ecommerce website are:

– Sites are content managed, this means at any time, you can access your own site to input products, prices or edit content. You do not need someone else to do this.

– Your new Ecommerce site can be linked with your existing in store ERP or Epos system, which feeds information back and forth and is automated, updating stock, prices, customer information, accounts and finances on a regular basis. Being an automated system, you are able to save money on staffing costs and reduce admin hours.

– The sites employ the best techniques for usability. They are easy to search and navigate, even for someone not familiar with websites.

– We can directly control URL’s, category structures, microformats and meta information to ensure that on-site search engine conversion (SEO) is implemented from day one taking over from an existing site if applicable

– Conversion optimisation, this means we can test pages to improve conversion rates, by offering users different landing pages, this is the key in terms of design and usability, which encourages users to purchase.

Juno can confidently say we will improve your online sales using our skills and software, and constant technology allows us to provide and even service that is more incredible.

We produce clean, branded sites that encourage customers to spend more time and eventually make that purchase or contact you for more information.  We also make it a point to go out of our way to make sure your site is at the top of the Google search engine using keywords, in fact we’re rankings obsessed.

For more information about Ecommerce web design for UK businesses drop Juno Web Design a line at or give us a call now on 0854 544 1766