Juno takes Vanilla Underground out into the open

At Juno Web Design we’re committed to helping our clients get to the next level, implementing effective design features that ensure maximum impact to get the sales and profit boost necessary. We work hard to create designs that are the perfect reflection of a brand’s core values and, being such a vibrant company, we love the chance to work with equally-minded clients—Vanilla Underground is one of them.


Vanilla Underground is a fashion retailer with an edge. It specialises in graphic and vintage t-shirts with logos and rock band tees being a core part of their range, but there are plenty of soon-to-be cult classics being thrown into the mix as well. With hundreds of products to choose from and all of them being instantly recognisable and from leading brands it’s the perfect place for shoppers that want to stand out from the crowd, with their shirts being seen on the backs of people up and down the country.

We knew we had to create a site that melded seamlessly into their ethos, with ornate design features making way for a crisp layout and eye-catching scheme. It’s all about making a statement, and we’ve worked hard to ensure everything works together perfectly—typography was an important consideration to make sure it reflected the company logo whilst high-impact images were used throughout the site to really grab attention, and it’s the little details that bring everything together.

Of course, we made sure the ordering process was as simple and stress-free as possible whilst incorporating all the usual aspects of modern design (social media buttons and crystal clear content, for example), and we’re proud of what we’ve put together. The site’s going live tomorrow so make sure to check it out, and if you want to know how we can create the same kind of impact for your brand just get in touch and see for yourself.

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