NetSuite is the UK’s #1 cloud ERP software package. It offers the complete retail management solution incorporating the likes of accounting, inventory, CRM and ecommerce to deliver the level of functionality you need—it’s scalable, offers real-time access to critical business data, can be tailored to individual requirements and can even lead to marked IT savings, giving your business the tools it needs to perform. But, in order to realise the potential of the NetSuite system you’re going to need it to be fully integrated with your ecommerce channel, and that’s where we come in.

Here at Juno Web Design we specialise in the ecommerce arena, and we’ll be on-hand to build you a bespoke Magento site that can be fully integrated with your NetSuite software package to give you the complete solution to your retail needs. You’ll have a single point of contact between every area of the business with information being easily accessible from any location, and with everything being fully autonomous yet easily controlled from one central point you’ll get the functionality, productivity and efficiency boost you need to transform your prospects and deliver measurable results.
Here are just a few benefits of this way of operating:

Automatically updated stock levels, with the direct link from website to warehouse helping improve stock management and reduce the possibility of overselling

Customer details will be automatically saved and sent to shipping, streamlining the distribution chain whilst offering a great level of customer service

Full purchase tracking functionality to provide a valuable insight into shopping habits and fuel marketing decisions

Sales and accounting information will be updated automatically, offering the chance to run accurate, real-time reports whenever necessary for improved business intelligence

The autonomous nature of the system means there’ll be a reduction in manual input which can, in turn, reduce admin time and staffing costs

With NetSuite/Magento integration from Juno you can look forward to getting a fully scalable, autonomous system for dramatic time and cost savings at every step of the way, and with the Magento platform as your base you’ll get even more. With fully-customisable templates, a user-friendly yet visually appealing design, full backend functionality and the addition of SEO-rich content you’ll have a site that can perform on every level, boosting your online presence to maximise your potential and, ultimately, your profits.

We know what it takes to deliver the necessary results and are committed to helping our clients achieve their online ambitions, so if you want to see what NetSuite/Magento integration can do for you make sure to call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and you could soon take your business to the next level.