New Facebook app in the pipeline for Police

Here at Juno we like to help clients make the most of any advertising channels we can, and given the rise of Facebook marketing this is something we’re starting to focus on more and more. Facebook apps and advertising campaigns can be used to great effect, and we’re currently working with high-end brand Police to develop an app that can generate the necessary interest and get those must-have leads.


The app works something like this. A competition is advertised, users click on the link and get taken to a page they need to “like” before being prompted to fill in their name and email address, and the app captures these details and transfers them straight into a Magento database for future use. It’s a highly effective form of data capture that gives something back to the consumer—they’re not parting with their details for nothing, something which a lot of consumers are becoming increasingly reluctant to do, but instead have the opportunity to get something back if they win the competition.

Offering that kind of incentive is a great way to encourage an audience to get involved, and the kind of information gleaned means that not only does this app drive engagement on Facebook itself but it can be utilised on a wider level to deliver continual marketing benefit. The prospect will be sent targeted marketing material to ensure the brand stays at the forefront of their mind long after the competition has closed, and this level of repeat engagement (without being spammy, of course) can make all the difference to the overall campaign.

We think the whole thing is pretty clever (if we do say so ourselves) and will be keeping a close eye on how the channel performs, and if you want to see how Facebook apps can be utilised for your own brand just get in touch.

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