Afterpay comes to the UK

Following their overwhelming success in Australia and the US, Aussie payment provider Afterpay has come to the UK. Capitalising on the success of ‘pay later’ checkout options, Afterpay enables brands to offer an alternative payment option to the standard ‘pay now’ gateways like PayPal. Afterpay’s UK expansion comes as more and more retailers are starting to add ‘pay later’ options to their checkout. Following in the footsteps of payment providers like Klarna, who already operate

How to Get Your Site Ready for Black Friday

With Black Friday fast-approaching, brands of all shapes and sizes are deep in planning mode. What started as a high-street struggle in American malls has blown up online, with many shoppers preferring to avoid the crowds and bag a bargain from the safety of their bedrooms. Black Friday 2017 saw £1.4 billion spent on online sales in the UK, up almost 12% from the year before. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder Black

Magento 2 vs Shopify Plus: The Ultimate Showdown

Magento has long held the position of being the most popular ecommerce platform, commanding 29.1% of the total market share in March 2016. But after the launch of Shopify Plus in 2014, a lot of larger brands started jumping ship. And since Magento announced that their old sites would stop receiving updates in 2020, the competition between Magento and Shopify Plus has become fiercer than ever. So, which platform is better for you? As with

Magento 1 End of Life: What it Means for You

When it comes to Magento, it’s out with the old and in with the 2. When Magento 2 was released back in 2015, old Magento 1 sites were given a three-year deadline to make changes. But, to the relief of retailers everywhere, Magento announced last month that they’d continue offering support for old platforms until June 2020, giving businesses a couple more years to get their affairs in order. But what does 'end of life'

Bottletop Animorsels: Bitesize Animations & Drinks

Calling all animation lovers! On 25 October, Nottingham-based animation company Bottletop will be hosting their first ever Animorsels event, in partnership with RTS Midlands. Featuring a delightful spread of bitesize animation, witty banter and crisps, Animorsels gives local creatives the chance to enjoy some films from local talent, network and feel inspired. October’s event is a Stop Motion Special, with guest speaker Jim Parkyn sharing some nuggets of wisdom from the world of stop-motion. Jim

8 Quick Ways to Increase your Average Order Value

So, you’ve spent a fortune acquiring traffic to your site. You’ve increased awareness, got some backlinks and improved your rankings. It’s a noble effort, and you’ll definitely get some sales out of it. If increasing your brand’s awareness is your main priority, this is a good place to start. But if you’re ready to start making more money, there are easier and cheaper ways to go about it. One of the best ways to boost

Meet the Juno Helpdesk

What is the Juno Helpdesk? We’re constantly trying to improve our service, which is why we’ve introduced a new way to raise issues and request work: the Helpdesk. This online client portal will help us manage our time more efficiently and solve your problems faster than ever before. All you need to do is raise a ticket, describe the issue and review the work once we’ve completed the task. Simple! Why is using our Helpdesk

Create a world-class shopping experience with Juno and Shopify Plus

As ecommerce specialists, Juno are very proud to have been selected as a Shopify Plus partner, to offer this speedy, reliable and responsive platform within our portfolio of services. Designed for fast-growth and high volume enterprise, Shopify Plus is intuitive, powerful and highly dependable, with integrated features and tools to evolve your business long-term. Built to handle large volumes of traffic that withstand the world’s most popular launches and flash sales - there’s unlimited scale

Oneskee Updated Website

Oneskee is a UK based manufacturer of All in One Ski Suits. After a phenomenal year of sales in 2015, they are set to release their highly anticipated MKIII Ski Suit for Autumn/Winter 2016, and with it, the launch of a new and improved website The new site will be launching in July 2016 and will showcase the release of Oneskee's new Mens All in One Ski Suits and Womens All in One Ski Suits. 2016

Patchworks Goes International

Juno Media's integration partners Patchworks are set to take on the US and Australian markets with the launch of two new market-specific websites. The new domains ( , have been set up to better serve customers in those territories following a huge wave of international interest in Patchworks' integration services since the company launched in 2014. Patchworks helps business connect their ecommerce  to POS and ERP , creating a seamlessly integrated system. Luke Hodgson, Patchworks'

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