Police get an email campaign revamp

Successful online marketing needs an eclectic approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all method and no single technique that should be solely focused on—rather, it should be multi-dimensional to incorporate everything from social media to on-page SEO, and one area that deserves particular mention is email marketing. But, much like every other aspect of design it needs to be done well. Any email should be the perfect reflection of your brand with attention being paid to everything from the text used to the quality of the images, and one brand that’s just benefited from one of our revamps is Police.


Police is already a premium, well-known brand, and that meant we needed to develop an email campaign that was equally as impressive. Luckily we think we’ve managed to achieve it, and our latest email focused on recent press coverage to give the client base a picture of the kind of high-end brand they’re dealing with. Media coverage is always a huge coup for retailers of any kind and so we collated the best mentions we could find and put them together in a targeted email, sending it out to the Police database to precisely hit the target market. The email was highly image-led to make an instant impression—people are bombarded with so much marketing material that images are often far preferable to paragraphs of text, particularly in this context. They can be quickly scanned yet will be easily remembered, and of course, keeping your brand in the mind of consumers is what it’s all about.

We’re proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve with Police, and if you think it’s something you could benefit from make sure to get in touch. Our design team will be on-hand to put together a campaign that understands the needs of your target audience to really make an impact in the market, so contact us today and you could get a revamp just like Police.

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