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It’s all good and well having a world class product that excels in what it’s been designed for, but if you can’t promote that product and portray it in the right direction then no one will notice what they’re missing. The greatest modern day tool for advertisement and product placement is the internet as it targets not just a large proportion of your countries population, but also allows the company to expand into the worldwide market for relatively low costs.

So in order to tap this unlimited market you need to be able to draw the potential consumers in, but also able to keep them within your website long enough for them to grow an understanding of the product and to easily find their way to the purchase function. This is where Juno Media steps in to provide professional experience in the design and functionality of a companies website. A recent project undertaken by Juno Media was that of Chris Elsworthy, a British entrepreneur who is in need of a website to help promote and sell his innovative Power 8 workshop set.

Chris Elsworthys innovative Power8 workshop was a great success within the programme Dragons Den, drawing the attention of both Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones. His ambition was to make his Power8 tool set into a worldwide brand, however, he needed the funding and support of the dragons to break into this market. After roughly 3 hours of intense debating and sales pitching, Chris managed to win a deal with both Duncan and Peter.

It is now in the hands of Juno Media to forward this innovative design to new heights. The web design had to be practical, professional, precise and most of all, fitting with the products initial design.

It’s vital that the consumer is able to navigate around the website with ease and with as little hassle as possible. So within the design of www.power8tools.com it was essential to create a web page that enabled the product to always be visible but to not be overcrowded with imagery or text. This allows the consumer to have no problem finding what they are looking for but to also learn more about the product when scrolling through pages. Also the use of good sized text coupled with an effective break up of the page via pictures and columns allows the consumer to navigate with ease.

The layout of the website was used to ensure that the consumers eyes aren’t dashing about the page whilst trying to find the relative information they are looking for. Instead, a format of simplified boxes and banners were added to provide a professional look to the webpage and to supply the consumer with an easy layout to browse upon.

The aim of the website is to draw attention to the innovative 4 piece cordless power tool set and to provide information about this within a clean and simple manner. It is vital to portray every bit of necessary information that the consumer may need to know without them having to actively search for it within the site.

www.power8tools.com has incorporated the same visual appearance as the product itself, combining the sleek black and green design that is visible within the product. This allows the consumers to relate to the product just by their initial glance at the website which ensures them that they have reached their desired destination. It is also important to reveal key selling points of the product within the website as this ensure the customers that they’re viewing a high end quality product. As for www.power8tools.com it is vital that their unique selling point is visible from word go, as it’s the worlds first cordless workstation designed for practical use within a professional field or by DIY enthusiasts.

Overall the look and feel of www.power8tools.com is of one that is professional and has hit every key aspect that creates a world class website. Being able to combine all the information that is needed to promote the product and increase sales without losing the attention of buyers is very clear with the site. It is straight to the point, informative and most of all visually appealing, all of which are excellent traits of a professional website.

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