It’s at the heart of everything that we do.

Great design will always have a positive commercial impact on your business. The look, function and form of your new website is critical to its overall success and we take this aspect incredibly seriously.

When an architect designs a building he does more than draw a nice picture and assume everything else will be fine. In that sense, we work like architects and leave nothing to chance. Fantastic design starts with careful planning and excellent communication between agency and client. In great depth, we consider aspects such as the user interface, the brand design and aspects of the design that are important to ensure optimum conversion.

We appreciate that all clients are different and so we offer you a personable and flexible approach to this essential design phase of your new website. Whilst some businesses will prefer to supply us with a detailed written brief to work from, others will welcome our four day workshop process, covering both design and discovery. Involving members of the technical team and project managers, we can take you through a proven system that will allow us to craft a new website that is optimised in all aspects of its design. On brief and with startlingly effective and attention grabbing design; that’s just how serious we can get.


Smoothing the way to an effective and speedy build.

Having clarified the design aspects of your new website, we really do start to get granular in order to work through the process of creating a technical specification that will give you total clarity on all aspects of your site. We don’t like grey areas and we hate making assumptions.

Your involvement at this stage is welcomed and we will consider both the front-end and the back-end of the website in a structured and systematic way. We can guide you carefully and draw on our experience from creating a huge number of complex and diverse websites to ensure that pitfalls and potential issues are ironed out at this early stage.

In short, having completed the discovery phase of our planning process, you should be in possession of a fully detailed technical specification that will ensure you get exactly what you’ve asked for. Furthermore, the build process is set to be much smoother and speedier for all concerned.


Our UK team is poised to make it happen for you.

Whether you’re working with our enterprise standard UK Magento developers or other members of our highly skilled in-house development team, you can be assured of total focus on your project once this phase is underway. We love getting stuck in and making it happen.

With a structured project management system in place, your website will be carefully built to an agreed timescale and you’ll be kept informed and involved at every stage. We’re no strangers to meeting change along the way and you’ll find us helpful and flexible if this becomes the case.

Passionate about all aspects of technology, we’re only happy when it’s created exactly as it should be. Testing can never be underestimated and we leave no stone unturned until we’re happy that your website is functioning precisely as planned, on every device, in every browser. It’s a painstaking task but we’re well equipped to do it and do it well.


Gets the systems talking and add value to your time.

At this point, there is often a need to automate the daily transfer of data between different business systems. You might be doing this manually right now and resenting the drain on your time and resources. There is a better way.

We’ve successfully integrated a vast array of business systems for our clients and liberated many offices from dull, laborious tasks that restrict the value that can be achieved from their time.

Whether it’s ERP or POS to ecommerce, ecommerce to accounting software or ecommerce to market places, we’ve done it before and can do it for you. So have a think about how you’re going to use the time that integration is going to save you – it might just open up a fresh opportunity for growth.


We’ve planned for this moment so that you can enjoy it.

The day soon comes when it’s time for your beautiful new website to go live and meet its audience. Nothing is left to chance and we ensure that the transition is slick and stress free. It’s a day of celebration, not one of trepidation!

Leaving nothing to chance, careful monitoring of your website continues in the days after launch until we’re both completely satisfied that everything is exactly as it should be. Good enough is not good enough at Juno. Your customers deserve better.

Rarely the end of the journey and the partnership that we’ve now forged together, the work has just begun with a fledgling website that must now be driven forward to achieve your business plan. We’re with you every step of the way.


We’re human, we’re always here and we help you.

Understanding how your website agency intends to support you over the coming months and years should be critical to your choice of partner. When you need help, you need it now; not when someone in a different country has picked up the ticket.

We’re at the end of the phone or email, here in Nottingham. Whether it’s the working week, the weekend or even Christmas Day, there will be a support system in place to ensure that your queries are resolved in a prompt and friendly manner by people that know what they’re talking about.
The same level of attention is given to your website too and we have many systems in place that allow us to constantly monitor its performance, activity and stability, 24/7 and 365 days of every year.

Growth for success

We help you to maximise the commercial value of your website.

It’s not just a case of keeping the door of the shop open and hoping that a few customers might pop in. You need high quality traffic that you can convert into sales and progress into loyal customers for your business. We’ve got that covered.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and email marketing are just a handful of online growth activities that are all in a day’s work here at Juno in Nottingham. Working at a level to suit your objectives and your budget, we can deliver measurable value to your business and help to grow your traffic and sales online. We have a raft of tools and proven procedures at our disposal to identify exactly what will make your website develop and advance in the way that you need it to. The path to success can then be one of teamwork or delegation. Whatever it takes to achieve your business goals.

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