To be market leading, you have to work with market leading.

You want success…fast. It is therefore only natural that we work with market leading ecommerce software such as Magento to achieve your objectives. Used by start-ups and large corporations alike, Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce software and retains the largest market share. With good reason.

Offering you an in-house team of skilled UK Magento developers, we can create a feature-rich and stable ecommerce website for your business, using either Magento Community which is open source or Magento Enterprise if your requirements are more complex.

Magento has a reputation for enabling easy to use websites that deliver great navigation and excellent functionality. Your website will be optimised for SEO upon creation and we can integration it with all manner of different software types to streamline communications, reporting, stock management and accounting. In using Magento, the day-to-day management of your online business becomes efficient and hassle-free, leaving you time to add more value and focus on your plans for growth.


Your business deserves a beautiful website.

We use WordPress because quite frankly, it delivers. In bucket loads. Leading the way for editorial, content and blog websites, WordPress simply excels, especially when fine-tuned by the development team here at Juno.

WordPress has been our tool of choice for all manner of content management (CMS) websites including general business sites, forums, event listings, job boards, social networks, directories, educational resource sites, property listings and subscription sites for online magazines. WordPress is faster, fully customisable and better optimised for SEO than any of its competitors.

But there is another good reason why we continue to adore WordPress. Using this highly respected piece of software coupled with our development skills and innovative tools, we create simply beautiful looking websites, presenting your business in the manner that it most certainly deserves. No compromise required.

We can easily integrate WordPress with many other systems and our “World of” page demonstrates just how creative you can be when integrating social media into your website. Smoothing the way for an efficient business system, we can also integrate WordPress with many other types of software to streamline tasks such as reporting and communications. If you’d like to make your business truly shine online, please talk to us about creating a WordPress website.


Stop drowning in data – gain valuable time for your team.

Skilled at automating the flow of data between many business systems, we can save you and your colleagues precious time and put a stop to much of your manual day-to-day data handling. When systems are not integrated it can be a painful, mind-blowing process to ensure that all software is talking to you in the same way. A lack of integration creates an ever increasing amount of needless administration work as your business grows. We can put a stop to this right now.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have benefited from our intelligent integration know-how. For example, we can integrate ERP and POS software with ecommerce. We can integrate ecommerce with accounting packages. We can even integrate your ecommerce system with various market places.

There probably isn’t an integration request that hasn’t already been made to us so please feel free to put this to the test! Then sit back, relax and let us find you some more time in your day, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of successfully growing your business.

Mobile solutions

Speedy delivery of your message, whatever the device.

The rise of the smartphone is totally transforming the internet and this has a significant impact on businesses across the globe. You want your audience to quickly and precisely view your website, whether they choose to visit it on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. A simple objective that takes a careful choice of partner to deliver successfully. We are that partner.

Crafting a responsive website will certainly go some way to achieving the optimum end result but it also takes further work to ensure that each device can present your website with total efficiency, true to form and with the ability to offer scalability as required.

Many standard responsive websites can literally become “bogged down” with unnecessary data and http requests, painfully slowing the loading process and often having a negative commercial impact on your business. At Juno, we don’t tolerate sluggish behaviour and demand a swift responsive to every request. We don’t want to waste your visitors’ time when they could be doing online business with you.

It’s just a matter of time before desktop viewing becomes a minority activity and we want our clients to be ahead of the game, offering outstanding websites for mobile devices.

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