The Juno team en route to Magento excellence

Here at Juno we’re dedicated to giving our clients the best service possible, and we’re always striving to improve our skills and deliver the necessary results. That’s why the entire Juno team is on the way to becoming fully Magento Certified. One of our developers, Andrew, took the exam yesterday and is now a fully-fledged Magento Certified Developer (congratulations Andrew!), and this is just the beginning—pretty soon you can look forward to the entire team being Magento qualified, and that means you can be sure you’re working with the best.


What it means

Achieving the Magento Developer certification is a clear indicator of advanced knowledge, skill and experience in the realm of Magento implementations, with the developer being able to validate their skills whilst giving you peace of mind that you’re working with experts in the Magento platform. A certified developer is able to skilfully use all business processes in Magento such as:

Understanding the structure of catalogue, indexes, promotion and price generation logic

Understanding the architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods and sales/order processing

The ability to make design decisions at coding level

Advanced core knowledge in all aspects of forms and grid functionality, API, widgets etc.

In short, they know how it works and how to implement solutions that perform, and that means you’ll be left with a site that meets your every requirement. We’re specifically working towards accreditation in the Magento Enterprise Edition, the premium option to ensure you can achieve the complete ecommerce solution with high-level features and built-in functionality, giving you a platform that works on every level.

Getting the ball rolling

Andrew’s achievement is the first step on our quest to have the whole team qualified, and that means you’ll only be working with Magento Certified Developers for the best service possible. So, if you’re looking for consultants that are experts in the platform we should be your first and only port of call—we’re getting the certifications to prove it.

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