Vend offers high-level POS and inventory management software that’s simple to install, user-friendly and wholly functional, helping you maximise your offline operations by consolidating complex systems in one place. With advanced tracking functionality and easy inventory control it could be the ideal POS solution for retailers of all kinds, but if you’re heading into the ecommerce arena you’ll need even more.

You want your POS system to be fully integrated into your online channel, providing a single point of contact across all areas to boost functionality and efficiency at every stage of the process, and at Juno Web Design we can help. We’ll take your Vend system and will incorporate it into your Magento platform to provide a seamless link between the two, offering the level of functionality and control you need.

Information will be shared on a real-time basis, with every stage in the process being automatically updated on everything from stock levels t sales. You’ll get an alert when stock becomes low and customers will be able to place an online order based on current availability, with them being made aware if a product is out of stock before they click “buy”.

Customer experience is further improved by the addition of their details being automatically retained and sent to distribution, speeding up the process and ensuring quick delivery. This adds marketing benefits too—purchases can be easily tracked to provide a great insight into shopping habits, and with sales and accounting information being easily accessed from one central point you can get up-to-the-minute reports that are totally accurate.

Because the system is entirely automated it reduces the need for manual input, and that can lead to great cost savings. Admin time and therefore staffing hours are reduced, and with productivity and efficiency being improved across all areas it offers the potential for even bigger profits.

You get all that plus the benefits of the Magento platform—being fully-customisable as well as user and SEO-friendly means you’ve got an ecommerce solution that can work on every level, bringing benefits to your customers as well as your business, and being Magento specialists means we know what it takes to create websites that perform.
So what are you waiting for? Vend and Magento integration can offer the functionality and control you need to help your business grow, and if you want to discuss the options just get in touch and see for yourself.