What’s making my website slow?

One of the most important parts of web design is making sure the site speed is up to scratch. Loading times need to be kept to a minimum to ensure a great user experience, and whilst it might not be the most overt display of design prowess it can make all the difference to the performance and ultimate success of a website—a slow site means consumers will quickly close the page and look elsewhere, and if you’ve got that problem you’ll want to know what to do about it. So, just what’s making your site slow?


It could be down to any number of different factors, but things like dynamic navigation and oversized images have a lot to answer for. Dynamic websites take longer to load and display the information as there are more steps to go through (converting PHP to HTML will take much longer than having a static HTML site, for example) whilst having pages that are too heavy will always slow things down, and untidy code can have a huge impact as well. And, in the mobile sphere you’ll find you’ll have even more to contend with as regular websites will take far too long to load on a mobile device, so you could find speeds are even slower.

If you think you’re suffering it’s time to take some action. You’ll want to bear in mind the above points and make changes accordingly—reduce image sizes, for example, compress pages, clean up the code, split up larger pages and make sure you’re implementing responsive design techniques so you’re delivering the right kind of experience in the mobile realm too. Or, if you want a bit of help, why not get in touch? We’ll run a comprehensive site check to see what’s slowing you down and will go on from that to speed things up as much as possible, implementing clever design techniques to ensure we deliver the necessary results.  If you think your site is lacking momentum make sure to get in touch and see what we can do.

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